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The Pink Spirea, Spiraea Fritschiana Is One Of The Easiest Flowering Shrubs To Grow, Especially In Foundation Plantings And Perennial Borders

The pink spirea belongs to a genus of nearly a hundred species of flowering shrubs in the Rosaceae family. Native to the north temperate zone, gardeners commonly cultivate the pink spirea for their excellent growth habits and attractive flower clusters. An old-time favorite, pink spirea, is a slight to medium-sized deciduous shrubs that produce an abundance of spring and summer flowers. Among the easiest flowering shrubs to grow, gardeners often use the pink spirea in foundation plantings, hedges, and perennial borders. They thrive in warm habitats and are tolerant of various soil types, except those extraordinarily wet and soggy or poorly drained.

The pink spirea is hardy deciduous shrubs with simple leaves that usually feature toothed margins. The tiny flowers are generally clustered into dense inflorescences and have five petals, five sepals, and numerous stamens. The fruit is typically an aggregate of follicles, and botanists characterize the pink spirea by the presence of salicylic acid in their tissues. Leaves that reach three are oval and sharply toothed. Tiny pink flowers in flat-topped corymbs cover the foliage from late spring to mid-summer, with sparse and intermittent repeat bloom sometimes occurring. Flowers are attractive to butterflies. Spirea bushes do very well as a focal plant in the landscape or as part of a larger grouping for a screen or border.

The Pink Spirea, Spiraea Fritschiana Tolerates Various Environments, And It Tolerates Pruning As It Helps Maintain Its Flowering Quality

The pink spirea responds well to hard pruning every two to three years to help maintain size and better flower production. Prune during winter or early spring to rejuvenate by cutting back six to twelve inches before new growth emerges. Light pruning or dead-heading in summer after flowering also helps in maintaining size.

Dig a hole about one or two inches deep and two to three times wider than the width of the plant's root ball. Remove the spirea from the container and loosen the rootball by vigorously pulling the roots to free them from the mass. Carefully place the spirea in the hole with the root flare slightly above ground level, and backfill the hole with a mixture of starter fertilizer, which contains beneficial mycorrhizae. This fertilizer mix improves soil structure and promotes more profound, faster root growth. Spread a layer of mulch and keep it away from the trunk or stems of the plant to retain moisture.Newly planted spirea will require a slow deep soaking one to two times a week in the absence of rainfall, for the first two months after planting, and then once a week until fall.

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