Pink Weigela is a beautiful shrub looks best as an ornamentation shrub in damp sandy gardens when it is used in mixed borders with other shrubs.

Pink Weigela

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Latin Name- Weigela Florida Pink Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 48 inches Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Pink Weigela, also known as Pink Princess, was initially found in China, Korea 1845. This deciduous shrub was transplanted in England by German scientist Christian Ehrenfried Weigel and then, spread into America. It thrives best in full sun where it will profusely bloom massive pink, white or red flowers with five-lobed leaves although, it will still do well in light shade. The flowers are two to four inches in size with a red corolla produced in small corymbs. Small winged seeds reside in the dry fruit capsule. Pink Weigela have leaves that range from 5 to 15 inches in size and are oblong with serrated margins.  Springtime brings this shrub to full bloom and tapers off becoming sporadic through the summer. One thing to remember when planting this shrub, it can grow up to ten feet high and ten feet around. You will want to make sure you leave room for this growth.

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The Pink Weigelia is a beautiful cascading shrub, perfect for any location and has many uses as an attractive addition to your yard.

Scientific Name: Weigelia Florida

USDA Climate Zone: 5-9

Shrub Height: 5-8 Feet Tall

Canopy Spread: 6-8 Feet Wide

Soil Type: Prefers Moist Well-Drained Soils, But Easily Adapts To Any Soil Type and Condition

Sun: Full Sun to Partial Shade

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The Pink Weigelia has dense medium green foliage with trumpet-shaped pastel pink flowers. This pretty Weigelia can bloom as early as April and lasts until July. It has been known to thrive as late as October in warmer climates. This shrub makes an excellent shrub border or planted as groupings with other Weigelia and grow in a variety of environments. The landscapes use for the Weigelia included are, as a container plant, can be used in beds and borders and on privacy slopes. The Weigelia is tolerant of any soil condition, is drought tolerant and easy to grow. The Pink Weigela flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

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