Poly Fern also knew as the "Golden Podium," are decorative plants that many people place in their garden landscapes.

Poly Fern

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Scientific Name: Polypodium Aureum USDA Hardiness: 4a-9a Plant Height: 12.0"-15.96" Plant Spread: 24.0"-36.0" Sun: Full Shade-Full Sun Soil Type: Moist

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Those who live in cooler climates will put them on a porch or deck during the months of spring and summer, then bringing the Poly Fern indoors during the fall and winter. These plants are genuinely eye-catching in appearance, being a deep greenish color that has beautiful tinges of blue in the sunlight. They are a fast growing plant, reaching heights of two to three feet within the first year. Even though the poly fern is a rather hearty plant to grow, it requires nutrient-rich soil to promote good health. Providing an elegant touch to a beautiful floral landscape or enclosed patio deck.

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The Poly Fern, botanical name Setiferum congested, is a leafy evergreen fern with 10 to 18 pairs of leaf segments originating from the central stem. The leaves grow shorter on the frond's end, and they have a broader top which tapers toward the bottom. The mature height is 8 to 12 inches with a width of 10 to 12 inches, and they achieve this size in a year. The frond coloration ranges from a dark to a grayish green, which has a muted contrast in comparison to other brightly colored flowers and plants. They thrive best in partial to full shade and are adaptable to many different soil types that are kept well-drained and moist. Poly Ferns do well as decorative liners for small gardens, walkways and around water sources. Poly Fern is easy to maintain and very durable when well-cared for.

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