Polytrichium Moss is fantastic when planted in locations and gardens that provide full shade that only provides very little sunlight.

Polytrichium Moss

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Polytritchum Moss – Polytrichum juniperinum is also called haircap moss, juniper moss, bird wheat, pigeon wheat and star moss.

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Polytrichum moss, more commonly known as haircap moss, is extraordinarily ordinary. It doesn’t just grow abundantly from coast to coast of the United States; if one knows where to look, the hardy evergreen plant can be found on every continent on the planet, except for Antarctica. This is, in part, due to its ability to tolerate practically any climate and soil type, including those typically deemed ‘poor’ for the substantiation of plant life. The vast array of locations that polytrichum moss is native to is just astounding. However, it is also frequently found in gardens the world over.

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This is not only because it requires just adequate moisture and to be kept clear of debris to thrive. Instead, moss, in general, can transform a regular plot of common plants into an oasis of sorts with a lush, fresh appearance. The presence of moss is associated with old things, and thus lends an air of age, mystery, and wisdom to even the most newly established gardens. Polytrichium Moss is particularly pleasant to look at, though, due to its one-of-a-kind structure. The perennial plant has a striking star-like appearance when viewed from above, thanks to pointed leaves that pop out at right angles all around its stiff stem. While it rarely exceeds twenty centimeters in height, polytrichum moss also grows taller than other species of moss. This feature is a simple way to add a compelling sense of dimension and texture to even the most complex gardens. Many individuals mistakenly believe moss to be an annoying plant because it doesn’t produce flowers or fruits. However, the complex structures that polytrichum moss reproduce with are quite striking. Not only do they have a beautiful reddish tint, but their shape also mimics that of a flower! With so many intricate details- and thus few requirements for growth- polytrichum moss is an excellent addition to every garden.

USDA Climate Zone: 3 – 9
Height: up to 24 inches
Width: up to 12 inches
Soil Type: Clay, Sandy Soil, Well Drained
Sun: Shade, But can tolerate small amounts of sun

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