Prairie Trillium

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The Prairie Trillium, Trillium Recurvatum Earns Its Name From Its Flowers' Triple Parts And The Petals' Signature Downward Reflex

The prairie trillium, known as Trillium recurvatum, is a herbaceous perennial plant. The genus name Trillium is derived from the Latin word triplex, which means 'triple' and refers to its flowers' three parts. Recurvatum refers to the downward reflex of sepals, a common characteristic of the plant. Prairie trillium is one of the first and most abundant trilliums to bloom during the spring and go dormant during summer. The plant is native to North America and found in woodlands or mesic forests and savannas, sometimes in calcareous soils and looking very elegant when grouped under shady naturalized areas.

This erect perennial grows from 12 to 18 inches tall and 8 to 12 inches broad and unbranched. The plant has a solitary stalkless flower on the top with three brownish-maroon petals that are 1.8 to 4.8 cm long and 0.9 to 2 cm wide, petal tips arching the stamens. It has six stamens with slender filaments that are dark purple. Sepals are green and shorter than the petals and hang down from the flower head beneath the bracts. The leaves are about 3 to 6 inches long, 1½-3½ inches across, and are nicely mottled. The erect stem is light to green or reddish-purple in color and stout. Usually, the upper trillium stem will remain green, while the lower section will have more reddish tones. Immature prairie trilliums, however, produce leaves without the flower. When the flower matures, it will result in a fleshy berry, greenish-white fruit streaked of purple or white, and six well-developed ridges that contain many seeds. The seeds have an oil-rich structure that is called an elaiosome. The prairie trillium seed promotes dispersal by ants and other foraging insects.

Prairie Trillium, Trillium Recurvatum Easily Tolerates Hot And Dry Conditions Compared To The Other Trilliums

Prairie trillium tolerates more sun and drier conditions than the other trilliums. Its root system does not spread aggressively. The plant thrives well in light shade in a slightly damp setting, perfect for moist clay soil. But the best time to plant the prairie trillium is in early fall while the plant's soil is still warm. Give the plant some time to develop since it will not produce flowers in the first year, though the roots begin to establish before winter to make the plant stronger until it starts to bloom the following spring.

We recommend planting ephemerals in early fall while the soil is still warm or in early spring. Spring installations will have some time to develop before summer dormancy but will not produce flowers the first year. An early fall planting allows the roots time to establish before winter and gives the plants a more prominent start the following spring. This woodland species appreciate a generous application of leaf mulch in the fall.

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