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Low Maintenance Shrubs from Wholesale Nursery Company

A yard or a home garden without shrubs is like a kitchen missing the appliances.

When choosing these to act as a barrier or screen, you need to go for plants that will have a dense foliage from the bottom to the top, and then plant them close enough together so that their leaves overlap nicely when they are mature.

Shrubs can be used as centerpieces in your yard, or positioned among trees and flowers to add variety. One of their benefits is that they are able to provide long lasting color and beauty, and their size adds to their appeal.

If you’re looking for a living fence try privet, or perhaps burning bush.

For flower enthusiasts, we have azaleahydrangea, and forsythia.

We offer our shrubs in multiple sizes, from 1-2 feet tall to 4-5 feet tall. They are shipped fresh-dug, and bare root. Minimum purchase is 25 units.

Select some new additions to your yard today!