Bareroot Trees For Zone 10

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Zone 10 Gardeners Have A Wide Selection

Bareroot trees are a great way to add some personality to any landscape. Wholesale Nursery Company offers a great zone 10 selection. There aren’t a lot of Zone 10 gardeners in the US, and most of them live in southern Florida.

Willow oak trees are often grown for elegance and to make a statement. They have skinny leaves that can flow gracefully from the top crown all the way to the ground and can vary from dark green to a light green.

The Pink Crepe Myrtle grows up to 12 feet tall, and has beautiful pink blooms that will appear in the summer months of the year.

The Swamp Tupelo can reach between 50 to 130 ft. at maturity. Swamp tupelo grows well on a variety of wet bottom land soils including organic mucks, heavy clays, and wet sands. Hence the name.

Whatever tree you choose for your zone 10 landscape; it will add beauty and value to the property.