Fern Plants

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  • Autumn Fern

    Autumn Ferns have a magnificent amount of color. The fronds are green year round until spring when they turn a golden red, then by the end of summer they will turn  back to green. With these ferns there is never a dull moment.

  • Beech Fern

    Beech Ferns are an amazing one and looks outstandingly beautiful as it grows. It can grow to be around two feet tall and around three feet wide. This fern prefers to be located in areas that offer full shade and partial shade and soils that remain moist and are well drained.

  • Black-Stemmed Spleenwort Fern

    Black stemmed spleenwort was well known for being smaller in size than other ferns. As it grows, one will see a black stem with bright and dark green alternating leave color. It can only grow in shade and part sun, and does the best growing in well-drained soils and on rocky terrains. It is found primarily growing on rock sides and steep hillsides.

  • Bladder Fern

    Bladder ferns are beautiful when grown and provide a very natural look and feel. They grow in places other ferns such as rocky areas and also on brick walls. This fern grows to become around three feet tall and three feet wide when they are full grown.

  • Boston Fern

    Boston ferns are popular among homeowners. These ferns are very versatile and can be used inside or outside. They look spectacular when placed in containers or hanging baskets to brighten up a porch or patio area.

  • Bracken Fern

    Bracken Ferns are one of the common ferns that you will see growing. This fern grows well around water features, natural areas or outbuildings where there is a lot of shade. This fern are aggressive and can spread quickly.

    This fern can tolerate different temperatures when other plants cannot such as heat.

  • Brake Fern

    Brake Ferns have many names, one of the most common is the Eagle fern. It is the most luxurious fern there is. The fronds are wide, thick and quite bushy. This fern is easy to grow and needs little maintenance.

  • Broad Beech Fern

    broad beech fern holds a bright green color and grows the best in shady areas or landscapes. It can grow up to 2 feet tall and wide and the fronds itself can grow up to 18 inches. It needs medium moisture in the soil to grow at its best

  • Chain Fern

    Chain fern or netted chain ferns are similar to the sensitive fern. This fern has fronds that are netted in appearance and look very intricate. The leaves are skinny, narrow and pointed at the top.


Fern Plants Make Excellent Borders

Fern Plants, by themselves or combined with other plantings, make spectacular border plants. Most ferns do well in part shade or mottled sunlight, but there are many which tolerate quite a bit of sun, provided they are well-watered.

Ferns first appear in the fossil record 360 million years ago, and come in an amazing range of texture, color, sizes and shapes. Their versatility and ease of care makes them an essential part of a well-rounded garden.

Popular ferns at Wholesale Nursery Company include:

These nearly maintenance free plants will add a lasting touch of green as well as tropical beauty to any landscape .