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  • Appalachian Sedge

    Appalachian Sedge is native to Eastern North America. The leaves have a fine texture that adds airy movement to any garden. This bush can grow up to 10 inches tall and 12-18 inches wide.

  • Barnyard Grass

    Barnyard Grass grows quickly and looks very natural.  The sedge grass flourishes in moist soil with full sun to partial shade.  This grass is winter hardy and can be grown in clay-like soil, although it does better in richer soil.  This is an annual grass.

  • Bearded Sedge

    Bearded Sedge is commonly referred to as Bearded Flat Sedge.  The summer annual reaches 2-6 inches in height.  Bearded Flat Sedge flourishes in full to partial sun and needs moist to wet soil.  Types of soil can range from sandy to muddy.

  • Big Bluestem

    Big Bluestem is sometimes referred to as turkeyfoot grass.  The plant is native to the prairie and plains of North America.  It does well in dry conditions with full sun.  It is drought tolerant.

  • Blue Gama Grass

    Blue Gama Grass prefers full sun and dry to medium soil conditions.  The grass is a low maintenance ornamental grass.

    This grass has a bloom time from June to August.

  • Blue Joint Grass

    Blue Joint Grass prefers full sun and wet to moist soil.  It can reach heights of 4-feet and widths of 3-feet.  The grass prefers prairie or savanna- like conditions.

  • Blue Sedge

    Blue sedge is bluish-green in color.  The grass grows to heights of 1-2 feet and 2-feet in width.  The plant is a cool weather grass and stays lush in the winter.

  • Branched Muhly

    Branched Muhly is tolerant of heat, humidity and drought.  It also tolerates poor soil, although plant will flourish with consistent moist This sedge looks great around water gardens or ponds.Plants are typically 3 foot tall and 3 foot wide when in bloom. Bloom time is from September to November. Branched Muhly grows best when grouped together and can be used as ground cover.

  • Bulrush

    It grows in marshes and along lakes or streams.This sedge needs moderate to saturated soil. It also requires partial to full sun. The bloom time ranges from late spring to early fall.  The grass is commonly planted in shallow water gardens.

  • Bur-Reed

    Bur-Reed is native to North American wetlands.  It can be found alongside of streams, marshes, and bogs.  The grass does well in shallow standing water.  It is excellent ornamental water garden sedge.  This sedge is deer resistant.

  • Bushy Beardgrass

    Bushy Beardgrass is a blue-green in the summer and turns coppery-colored in the winter.  The feathery bloom adds to the sedge’s appealing appearance.  The bloom time is in September.

  • Button Sedge

    Button Sedge is a native grass found from Nova Scotia to Georgia.  It is wetland grass that grows in meadows, swamps, and bogs.  This plant needs full sun and wet to moist soil conditions.

  • Cherokee Sedge

    Cherokee Sedge requires full sun to partial shade.  Soil should be kept moist to wet. This plant reaches 1-foot in height and 1-foot in width.

  • Common Spikerush

    Common Spikerush plant can be hard to identify without the use of very comprehensive botanical keys.  It grows well in very moist soil or even in shallow water.  Most spike rushes can have little fruiting spikes at the tops of the stems.

  • Creek Sedge

    Creek Sedge will have dark green leaves that are on the thinner side. It will grow in separate clusters.  It likes to grow in soil that is very moist like woodlands and creek banks.

  • Deer Tongue Grass

    Deer Tongue Grass grows in clum and spread very wide. The blades can be 3-8 inches long and usually less than 2 inches wide.  The leaves look like they have been tied together at the base onto the stems.

  • Eastern Woodland Sedge

    Appalachian Sedge is a very easy grass to grow. It looks very natural when it is grown. It can grow up to 10 inches or taller and can spread to cover around 18 inches. Very tolerent to all kinds of soil changes and does great in full and partialshaded areas.

  • Fast Grow Planting Soil



Ornamental Grass Plugs

There are multiple types of grass. Of course there are the bluegrass or fescue varieties that are traditionally used for lawns.

There are a variety of native varieties as well, which include the sedges. There are over 100 species of sedge. They are easy to grow and practically maintenance free. Wholesale Nursery Company sells a variety of sedges: the Fox SedgeTwisted sedge and Blue sedge are some of the varieties we have available.

More exotic grasses include the Branched Muhly, which produces striking pink and purple blooms in the fall. Low maintenance, it is  excellent for meadow gardens or a garden specimen.

Wool Grass is  a large, upright marsh variety with an attractive wooly flower head that turns coppery in late summer, and stays through the fall – and maybe winter.

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