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  • Adam And Eve

    Adam and Eve plant is a member of the orchid family. These plants bloom in early spring and into late summer. They produce blooms that look like small orchids. This plant is great when planted in full and partial shade and loves various soils

  • Alabama Supplejack

  • Alder Stakes

  • Althea Purple Shrub Tree

    It will do great when planted in full sunlight and will also do wonderfully in different soil conditions. The flowers on this tree will be fantastic and dazzling and beautiful. It grows 10 feet tall and around 6 feet wide when fully grown. It will add a unique look where ever it grows on a lawn

  • Althea White Shrub

    The Althea White bush is an amazing one to add to a garden area. It will have beautiful larger white blooms that will look fantastic during the summer months. These shrubs will bloom on into the fall months of the year if the temperatures and climates are right.

  • American Beech Seedlings

    Leaves will go from a green color with a shimmer to a deep darker green then in the fall to a golden bronze.

  • American Beech Stakes

  • American Beech Tree

    It will do great in full sunlight and can also do great in partially shaded areas. This tree is be magnificent when fully grown and will also bring lots of wildlife to an area.


Pick Plants for Your Zone

Our Shop by Zone Feature help you take all the guess work out of determining which plants are the best for you!


As most gardeners know, many plants that are perennials in Florida are going to die in Massachusetts. And some plants that thrive in Massachusetts may wilt in Florida.

Some plants, such as coneflowers will  tolerate a wide range of zones. They prefer zones 5-8, but some varieties are hardy to Zone 3, and they will tolerate zone 9.

The Plant Hardiness Zones divide the United States and Canada into 11 areas based on a 10 degree Fahrenheit difference in the average annual minimum temperature.

At Wholesale Nursery Company – each category has specific categories for each growing zone. Order trees, perennials, ferns, shrubs and other plants that will thrive in your specific zone.

Our nursery grows trees for all zones. We sell to both homeowners and wholesalers, and ship to all states.