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Vines Make Excellent Ground covers and Help Control Weeds

Wholesale Nursery Company has a diverse selection of vines and ground covers. These can add dimension, color, and sometimes fragrance to your garden.

Vines can be used used to control weeds, such as vinca minor, a lovely little plant that spreads even in densely shaded garden spots. Vinca minor has delicate flowers ranging from white to vivid purple. Undesirable weeds are covered and shaded out, leaving a cover of vinca that is all the same height and color.

English Ivy is a climbing plant that’s easy to grow. English ivy climbs up and over walls, rocks and other features. It does this by extending roots ending in grasping pads capable of holding almost any material. Its dense, dark leaves will obscure anything under them and eliminate unsightly weeds. it does, however, need to be kept in check.

Wisteria has long bushy purple blooms. The vines are very thick and strong, and can grow full and lush in a short period of time.

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