16″ Medium Wood Planter


16″ Medium Wood Planter

The medium wood stump planters is a great focal point of a medium to the smaller garden area. This is still considered quite small when you look at the size of a typical tree trunk. With the medium ones as the vine grows it almost swallows the planter, so it looks almost as if the vine is floating. Especially if you get the best vines that grow the best it your zone, you will have the beauty of the vine floating in no time. It can pair well with larger shrubs and then as always the beautiful colorful perennials go great around the shabby chicness of the medium wood stump planter.

Wooden planters can also be used as a tree nursery. Now it can’t be a tree nursery full of large trees with huge roots but smaller pine or bonsai trees can be done. Just make sure that each of these trees have enough room to extend their roots and they will thrive. This is a very real option for a wooden planter area with a small space.

Using a wooden planter in a small space can dramatically improve it without wasting anything. Plant vegetables, flowers, or even trees in a planter and it will be easy to control and see. If there is a limit on space then the design of these planter may need to be creative but it can be done. Anything from two planters that support a bench to beautiful raised planters with different shades of wood. Find the right design for your area and enjoy a great wooden planter.

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