18″ Large Wood Planter


18″ Large Wood Planter

18″ large wood planter typically run around eighteen inches in size. This size is normally the stumps left over after cutting down a tree. This planter is also the perfect size for a little girl who wants to believe in the magic of a fairy garden; this size planter is a great start to a fairy garden. And a lot of times this planter works best for growing moss especially if you want to put it in the shade. This size planter are great focal points for any size or type of garden you choose. This size planter are also perfect for those times you just simply can’t decide what flowers or vines or even shrubs would look best the eighteen-inch diameter give you plenty of space to plant more than one thing. Even the most elaborate of gardens can benefit from a large wooden stump planter.
A large wood planter is an excellent addition to any yard or landscaping area. The stump planter adds versatility and uniqueness to your gardening area. One of the many benefits of using the stump planter is that it protects your plants from summer heat and winter weather, making them last longer and grow to be much more beautiful plants. Less expensive woods such as cedar and oak require regular maintenance. If you are looking for something that requires little maintenance you should select a more high end wood that will last longer.

If you are looking to make the most of your space when it comes to gardening then a wooden planter can go a long way. It is not only a beautiful way to use a small amount of space but it can effectively be used as anything from a hummingbird habitat to a tree nursery. There are many different designs to choose from as well when creating one of these plant sanctuaries. Use different shades of wood to create a layered effect or go for a more natural look with older wood. Utilize your space with a wooden planter.

Incorporating a wooden planter into a space can add a touch of tranquility to it. There are some great design ideas including incorporating a planter into a bench. By building a planter on each side of the bench as its support it is functional and an aesthetic addition to a space. In a small area you have to be creative and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Raised planters are a great idea for a seating area because they attract the eyes much easier. They can be added onto a patio as well without having to use anymore yard space on a garden.

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