6-8″ Small Wooden Stump Planter


6-8″ Small Wooden Stump Planter

6-8″ small wooden stump planter are a unique piece to add to the landscape decorations. The small ones run around six to eight inches in size. These planters are simply tree trunks that have had their center hollowed out so that you can fill with potting soil and plant whatever perennials, or vines you want to put on display. It can easily fit a planter that is the same size as the stump. The look the vines give the planter as it grows and drapes around the small wood planter gives a sense of elegance. If you are similar to me and want to get your beautiful planters on display as fast as you can you throw a plant in there planter down in there and find the perfect spot for them. They are great for any landscape style and gives the landscaper a garden that is set apart from the other gardens around them.

After the stump has been found and carved, it can then be used for a number of different uses. Petrified wood stumps have found use as the base of fountains or as small fish ponds, making for some interesting lawn ornaments. Both kinds usually end up as wooden planters in a variety of surroundings, ranging from gardens to driveways, wherever their owners wish to have an additional natural touch. There are a number of ways to incorporate the wooden planters into the overall theme of the house, usually in a fun way.

The obvious use of these stumps is as garden decorations, with perennials growing out of the tops of them, and usually placed to look somewhat natural. The gardener is advised to treat them as normal planters, but to allow for natural drainage, especially if the stump is made of aged wood rather than stone. The bottom third should be filled with sand to both weigh it down and allow for drainage, while the remainder should be filled with potting soil. This will allow any plants inside to grow healthy and be easily cared for.

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