Golden Fern


Golden fern has a golden rich yellow color which helps give it its name. It can be found growing all over America. It loves growing against rocks or in rocky soils.

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It is actually the only species of its kind found in North America.  Other species can be found in South America. It loves growing against rocks or in rocky soils. Golden Fern is also called Pityrogramma Austroamericana. The best zones for this plant is in hardy planting zones 3-9.  The growth rate of it is typically up to 12 inches per year.  These ferns can grow up to 36 inches tall and as wide as 36 inches when fully mature. This fern has a full look to it and can grow hardy and thick. When you have areas that other plants can’t seem to grow this fern will. It prefers full shade to partial sun. The fronds look like daggers and are pointed. This plant is small growing.  This fern is considered to be a rhizomatous fern.  The fronds of this fern are large and deeply lobed.  The fronds itself can be 30-150 cm long and can contain 35 pinnae each.  The sori can be found running along the side of the pinna midrib. These spores are dispersed by wind.  One great thing about this fern is that if planted in an area with year round rainfall it can be an evergreen.  Otherwise, in areas with drier seasons it may be considered a semi-evergreen. This means that it will keep the green color all year long.

Ships As – Bareroot Plant Planting a fern in your home or in your garden can bring a simple addition to your garden with the right tools and guidance. If the Golden Fern is a plant your looking to ad to your home, here are some steps to keep your fern growing healthy for many years to come.

The Golden Fern is bright green with long, thin, and wavy leaves. It will stay a beautiful green if watered consistently throughout the season. Expect the plant fronds to grow between 18 and 24 inches long depending on the room it has for growth

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