Hardstem Bulrush
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Hardstem Bulrush


Hardstem bulrush has thick stalks or stems that are brown in color. They prefer to grow in bodies of water and can live grown in up to 5 feet of water. They are native in Europe and North America.These plants are tough and can grow in hardy winters when others will die. Each leaf will grow up to 12 inches in length. The flowers bloom in summer and have many colors to them. The blades are flowing and look limp. Each blade can range from yellow to green

*Ships Bare Root*

Min 100 plants

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Hard Stem Bulrush

Hard Stem Bulrush is a perennial plant that features round, olive green-colored stems that are 2-3 cm wide at the base with drooping brown flower clusters near the tips of the stems and a few leaves at the stem bases. The tiny flowers do not have petals and are concealed by scales that form small flower spikes. They also contain tiny seed-like achenes that are completely hidden by the scales. These plants are tall and stout and grow in North America. They are most commonly seen growing along shorelines in water such as marshes and wetlands and even ponds and lakes. They thrive in brackish water. They grow best in full sun and they bloom in mid summer. They are both deer resistant and goose resistant. They are a very important food source for waterfowl and aquatic mammals. Along with providing food to area wildlife, this plant also provides cover and a nesting habitat for waterfowl and other birds. The Native Americans used many portions of this plant for many purposes such as using the roots, pollen and flowering spikes for food and stems to make baskets, mats and other household items.  These plants are very hardy and can be grown with ease by all homeowners.  They help prevent soil erosion around lakes and ponds as they grow to become very thick.  This is a great plant for smaller wildlife to also seek shelter and protection.  The seeds of this plant are scattered by birds and they spread very quickly.

Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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