Bluets- Quaker Ladies

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Bluets- Quaker Ladies

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Quaker Ladies Are a Beautiful Classic Flower That Welcomes Spring

Houstonia Caerulea plants are small, delicate wildflowers that are a native species to North America. Their striking blue or light purple blossoms in the mid to late spring make these annuals a favorite for gardeners. They flourish in USDA growing zones 3 to 8. Plant them in filtered to full sunshine; they can tolerate some shade if you ensure they receive about six hours of daylight to produce their flowers.

Quaker Ladies, the common name, refers to the Quakers, a religious group that is known for their plain dress and simple lifestyle. The petals of this plant form a flower head that reminds some people of the plain bonnets and caps worn by Quaker women.

The flowers are hardy, drought-resistant, and disease-resistant. They don’t require much care—simply plant them in soil that drains quickly, keep mulch or peatmoss around them, and give them a sip of water if you have an extensive dry spell.

Quaker Ladies Are a Beautiful Blue or Purple, and Add Color to the Springtime Landscape

Quaker Ladies leaves are an attractive green color and a long narrow shape with a somewhat toothy edge. The multi-stemmed plants can grow as tall as four inches high. They bloom in the spring, bringing beautiful tones of light purple, lavender, or blue and have a soft floral fragrance. Quaker Ladies are a well-adjusted, easy-growing species that works in many settings.

Here are a few wonderful ways to put them to good use in your garden:

  • Mass plantings: These flowers last for several weeks, sometimes into early June. After that, the green foliage looks lovely until fall. These can add much interest to a home’s foundation or in any mass planting.
  • Water garden: Quaker Ladies love rich, organic soil like you might have near a water garden.
  • Accent flowers in a cottage garden: They will stay small, so they will not block a fantastic view or detract from your focal point.
  • Rock garden or natural area: These dainty flowering perennials are lovely in any natural setting.
  • Garden border: These are appropriate flowers for the front row of a garden border. Mix them with later-blooming flowers for a continuous wave of color all summer long.

Order Your Quaker Ladies From Wholesale Nursery Today

Houstonia Caerulea is a beautiful perennial wildflower that will add color to the late spring garden, then provide lovely, low-growing greenery the remainder of the season. These blossoms are well worth the little time it takes to care for them—please place your order with us today.

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