Brown Turkey Fig Tree

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Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
Brown Turkey Fig Tree
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Brown Turkey Fig Tree

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Size 1-2'

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Brown Turkey Fig Tree

Ficus Carica 'Brown Fig' is a fruiting deciduous tree that is a reliable producer in the warmer regions, USDA plant hardiness zones 7 through 10. This tree needs full sunshine to form and bear its delicious fruits.

The brown turkey fig tree, or common fig tree, is a beautiful species with large tropical-looking leaves. It grows to a maximum mature height of 30' and with a canopy that can spread almost as wide. It is a fast-growing tree, adding between 20" to 30" per season.

The tree has a long lifespan of about 200 years. But you won't have to wait that long to harvest--the tree will bear its first figs in its second season and then several pounds per year by the fifth year and beyond.

Even better, the tree produces fruit twice per year. It will yield two separate harvests, usually in late June or early July and another in late August.

The fruit of the brown turkey fig tree is delicious. They form an elongated egg shape with bronze or purple skin when ripe. The fruit's flesh is pink, mild, pleasant, and sweet. It's delicious fresh, made into a jam, or dehydrated for long-term storage.

How to Care for the Brown Turkey Fig Tree

Ficus Carica does not need overly much care. When you plant it, consider that it has shallow and sprawling roots. That is excellent news for de-compacting your soil but not good near a septic tank or water lines.

Besides that, care is minimal. Like almost all fruiting trees, the brown turkey fig tree likes a lot of water during the growing season, about 1" to 2" per week, and needs a home in a quick-draining area.

If you want to keep your tree shorter, it does not mind pruning, so feel free to shape it up if you, please.

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