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Cherokee Sedge -100 Cell Plugs

Cherokee Sedge -100 Cell Plugs

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Cherokee Sedge


Carex cherokeensis, commonly known as Cherokee sedge, is a perennial grass-like plant belonging to the Carex genus within the Cyperaceae family. This native North American sedge is primarily found in the southeastern United States, particularly in the Appalachian region. It is a versatile and adaptable plant with several notable characteristics.

 It typically grows in clumps and features narrow, linear leaves ranging from bright green to bluish-green. These leaves can reach heights of up to two feet, creating a lush, grassy appearance. One of its standout features is its graceful arching habit, which adds a unique aesthetic appeal to gardens and natural landscapes.

This sedge species is well-suited for a variety of growing conditions. It succeeds in partial shade and full sun, making it a versatile choice for landscaping projects. It is also tolerant of various soil types, including moist to dry soils, contributing to its adaptability.

 In spring, it produces inconspicuous flowers, typically brown or green. These flowers are followed by small, brown seed spikes, adding subtle ornamental value. However, it is often valued more for its foliage and form than its blooms.


 Cherokee Sedge Is Very Low-maintenance


 It is valuable to gardens and natural landscapes due to its low-maintenance characteristics. It is drought-tolerant once established and can help with erosion control due to its fibrous root system. This sedge is also a favorite among wildlife enthusiasts as it provides habitat and forage for various wildlife species, including birds and small mammals.

 In summary, Carex cherokeensis, or Cherokee sedge, is a native North American plant prized for its graceful appearance, adaptability to various growing conditions, and ecological benefits. Whether used in a garden, a natural landscape, or for erosion control, this sedge adds aesthetic and functional value to outdoor spaces. 


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Jackson Norton

Love how flowy this grass is

Thanks for the 5-star review, Jackson. We appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback and look forward to serving you again in the future.