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Lavender Tulip "triumph" - 100 Plants

Lavender Tulip "triumph" - 100 Plants

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Lavender Tulips Are One Of The Most Iconic Flowering Plants That Signal The Start Of Spring


As the snow melts and temperatures rise, purple tulips are often among the first flowers to bloom in gardens nationwide. These beautiful blooms bring color and life to any outdoor space with their vibrant hues and delicate petals. Not only do they add a splash of color to your garden, but they also provide a delicious scent that can fill your garden with delightful aromas.


Lavender Tulips Are a Joy For Spring Flower Gardens


From tiny beds of tulips dotting your backyard landscape to large fields full of purple blooms, these flowers will make any outdoor space look even more beautiful. They are the most popular and come in various shapes and sizes. They are known for their vibrant shades of purple, ranging from deep purples to light lavenders. Most have one flower per stem, but a few varieties have multiple blooms per stem. With thousands of different types, it’s no wonder why they remain one of the most beloved flowers in the world.

They are famous in many gardens and parks but require careful planting to ensure they will bloom in the spring. The bulbs can be planted in late winter or fall when the soil is warm enough to take root. This allows them to receive the winter chill needed to bloom in the spring. With proper planting and care, it can provide a beautiful display of color come springtime.


 Purple tulips are Famous For Gardeners, Florists, and Home Decorators.


Like other plants in the Liliaceae family, lavender tulips contain alkaloid and glycoside compounds that are mildly toxic to humans and more serious to animals. Therefore, handling purple tulips with care is essential as taking precautions when planting them in your garden or arranging them in your home.

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Karen Nielsen
They were rotted

My bulbs were squishy and smelled bad when I opened them. I threw them in the trash.