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Lizard's Tail - 100 Plants

Lizard's Tail - 100 Plants

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Lizard's Tail – A Lovely, Water-Loving Plant

Lizard's Tail (Saururus Cernuus) is a unique and beautiful aquatic plant native to the wetlands and swamps of North America, ranging from the southern United States to northern South America. This plant is hardy in U.S.D.A. growing zones 4 to 9, requiring partial to total sun exposure to thrive.

Lizard's Tail Adds Beautiful Color and Texture to Your Water Garden

It prefers to be grown in wet, moist soil but not soggy. The plant can tolerate various soil types and needs to be more picky about soil quality. It is ideal for planting it on the banks of a pond, rain garden, or water garden. It's also beautiful in a sunny clearing near a river or stream.

It is distinctive, with dark green, heart-shaped leaves that grow on long stems. The stems then produce spikes of small, nodding white flowers that bloom in the summer and early fall. These flowers have a subtle, sweet fragrance that some gardeners describe as refreshing, light sassafras.

Lizard's Tail Adds to a Healthier Local Habitat

Lizard's Tail adds diversity to the ecosystem by providing valuable habitats for aquatic wildlife, such as frogs, insects, and birds. The plant also helps prevent soil erosion in wetland areas and can play a role in water purification by removing pollutants.

This beautiful and unique aquatic plant is well-suited for planting in wet or moist areas. With its attractive appearance, sweet fragrance, and valuable contribution to the ecosystem, it is an excellent choice for gardeners who want to add diversity to their gardens or water features.

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