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Mayapple - 50 Plants $44.99

Mayapple - 50 Plants $44.99

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Mayapple, scientifically known as Podophyllum peltatum, is a fascinating and unique woodland plant native to North America. It is a perennial herbaceous plant that is a part of the Berberidaceae family. It is often referred to by various regional names, including wild mandrake, American mandrake, and umbrella plant, owing to the distinctive appearance of its leaves and fruits.

One of the most striking features is its large, umbrella-like leaves that emerge in early spring. These deeply lobed leaves can grow up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) in diameter and provide a lush green carpet on the forest floor. The leaves form a dense canopy that can shade out other vegetation, making Mayapple a vital component of the understory in deciduous forests.


Mayapple Produces Nodding Flowers


It produces single, nodding flowers in late spring with waxy, white petals ranging from creamy white to pale yellow. These blooms are typically hidden beneath the foliage, making them less conspicuous. The flowers eventually give way to a fleshy, lemon-shaped fruit that ripens in late spring to early summer. The fruit is yellow when ripe and is said to be edible in small quantities; however, mayapple should be consumed with caution, as other parts of the plant are toxic.

In conclusion, mayapple is a captivating woodland plant with unique foliage, distinctive flowers, and a complex history of traditional and modern uses. Its striking appearance and ecological significance make it a noteworthy species in North American forests.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rachel Haimowitz
beautiful crowns

Lovely plants, shipped fast and well, of much larger size than I was anticipating.

Michael Madecky

I have order Mayapples from other companies before and yours are the best! Quick shipping, great price, good sturdy packaging and the roots were clearly alive, though dormant.

E. Gunnion

The mayapples seemed small when they arrived but they soon caught up to my expectations. Three of the four have survived and a thriving.

Jeremy Peterson
May Apple

Both the plants and the packaging are amazing! Prices are exceptionally fair,

Thanks Jeremy for your great review of our plants. We have passed your kind words on to our team. The TN Nursery Team are passionate about providing all of our customers with outstanding experiences and they will be delighted to know they hit the mark with you.