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Ribbon Grass Plugs (phalaris arundinacea) - 100 Cell Plugs

Ribbon Grass Plugs (phalaris arundinacea) - 100 Cell Plugs

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The Benefits of Landscaping with Ribbon Grass

Ribbon grass, also known as Phalaris arundinacea, is a versatile and visually appealing ornamental grass that has gained popularity in landscaping projects. With its elegant appearance and practical advantages, ribbon grass has become a go-to choice for homeowners, landscape designers, and architects. This article will explain the many benefits of incorporating ribbon grass into landscaping designs.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary reasons for using ribbon grass in landscaping is its aesthetic appeal. The grass features long, slender leaves with green and white variegation, creating a stunning contrast that adds depth and texture to any landscape. Whether used as a focal point, border, or mass planting, ribbon grass brings a touch of elegance and charm to gardens and outdoor spaces.

Low Maintenance

Ribbon grass is known for its minimal maintenance requirements, making it an excellent choice for novice and experienced gardeners. Once established, it is highly adaptable to various soil conditions, including moist or wet soils. Additionally, ribbon grass is relatively drought-tolerant, reducing the need for constant watering. This hardy nature ensures the grass remains lush and vibrant without extensive upkeep.

Erosion Control

In areas prone to erosion, ribbon grass can stabilize the soil. Its extensive root system helps bind the soil together, preventing corrosion caused by wind and water. By planting ribbon grass along hillsides, streambanks, or rain gardens, you can effectively combat erosion and preserve the landscape's integrity.

Wildlife Habitat

Ribbon grass can serve as an essential habitat for various wildlife species. Its dense, tall growth provides shelter and nesting sites for birds and small mammals. Moreover, the grass offers an abundant source of seeds, attracting numerous birds that feed on them. Landscaping with ribbon grass can promote biodiversity and contribute to a healthy ecosystem in your surroundings.

Ribbon grass can adapt beautifully to any setting, whether for a modern, formal, or naturalistic landscape design.

Versatility in Design

Its vertical growth and striking variegation make it an excellent option for creating eye-catching focal points, borders, or hedges. Moreover, ribbon grass complements various other plant species, allowing creative and diverse planting combinations.

Privacy and Screening

In urban and suburban settings where privacy can be a concern, ribbon grass can create natural screens and barriers. When planted in dense rows or clumps, the tall foliage provides an effective visual barrier, shielding your property from prying eyes and reducing noise pollution.

Low Invasiveness

While some ornamental grasses are known to be invasive, ribbon grass exhibits relatively low invasiveness compared to some of its counterparts. Its spreading nature can be managed with regular maintenance and containment practices, making it a safe choice for most landscaping projects.


Ribbon grass is a long-lived plant, ensuring that your landscaping efforts yield enduring results. Once established, it can persist for many years with minimal replanting required. This longevity saves time and effort and ensures the continuity of the design's visual impact over the years.


With Ribbon Grass, you can create a harmonious and sustainable environment that will be enjoyed for years.

Landscaping with ribbon grass offers many benefits, from its visual appeal and low maintenance requirements to its environmental contributions and versatility in design. Whether aiming to enhance your outdoor space's aesthetics or seeking practical advantages such as erosion control and wildlife habitat, ribbon grass proves to be a valuable addition to any landscape.

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