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Royal Fern - 100 Plants

Royal Fern - 100 Plants

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Royal Fern 

Osmunda Regalis is one of the most moisture-loving shade perennials. It reaches a grand size and has gorgeous green fronds. It loves a semi-shaded area and is perfect among trees, Shade Fern , or other tall plants. It is most suited to USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 8.

The Royal Fern is native to North American wetlands and bogs from the Canadian border to northern Florida. It is a hardy ornamental species that can tolerate heat, cold, light flooding, and even droughts.
Royal Ferns are impressive at maturity, around three to six feet tall and four to eight feet wide.

They have large, broad, feather-shaped fronds in a bright, deep green color. The fronds display two rows of smaller leaflets, each oval in shape with gently rounded ends. These ferns typically grow upright, but they may droop or bend over from the weight of the fronds as they mature.
They reproduce via spore-bearing structures on the underside of the fronds. They do not require you to fertilize them to help them multiply.

Caring for Royal Fern Plants

Royal Fern does not require daily care

It is a hardy plant and demands only a few minutes of your time to keep it healthy. To grow and maintain Osmunda Regalis, please keep these general guidelines in mind.

● Location requirements: Royal ferns prefer moist, shady areas. They can tolerate some
sun, but they prefer dappled or filtered sunlight. You will have success in wetland
gardens, bogs, or near a pond or stream.
● Soil requirements: Royal ferns prefer rich, moist, well-draining, fertile soils. They can
tolerate a wide range of soils.
● Watering requirements: Royal ferns will thrive in moist soil types. Those in a wet or
humid climate will be all set. If your area is drier, give your ferns a deep watering every
few days.
● These few requirements are easy--almost effortless--and will ensure you have healthy

Order Your Royal Fern From Wholesale Nursery Today

Osmunda Regalis is a hardy, easy-care species with impressively handsome looks and a tall size. It's an excellent ground cover species for any shade or semi-shade garden and can help control excessive moisture. Order your royal fern from the plant pros at Wholesale Nursery today.