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Mitchella Repens- 100 Plants

Mitchella Repens- 100 Plants

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Mitchella Repens Brings Evergreen Beauty to Your Garden

Mitchella Repens is a low-growing evergreen shrub native to North America. With its shiny leaves, delicate white or pinkish-white flowers, and delightful fragrance, this plant is a favorite among gardeners and nature lovers. It is a beauty that grows well in U.S.D.A. zones 3 to 8 and needs an entire shade planting site.

This partridgeberry plant is popular because it is lovely in various garden settings. This plant will surely fit in whether you have a large natural garden or a small, shady corner of your yard. It thrives in any dark spot under trees, rock gardens, or even in containers.

Gardeners who enjoy woodland-style gardens or seek a plant to fill shady areas will love this beautiful evergreen. Its delicate flowers and lovely fragrance make it an excellent addition to any garden, and its low-growing habit makes it a perfect choice for a groundcover.

Mitchella Repens Bears the Most Intriguing Flowers

The stem of Mitchella Repens is thin and wiry, and the leaves are oval-shaped and grow to be about one to two inches long. They are a shiny, dark green color and have a slightly puckered appearance. The plant grows to a height of 6-12 inches and has a spread of around 18 inches.

The eye-catching flowers emerge in the summer. They are small, urn-shaped, and white to blush in color. Once fully formed, the blossoms slightly droop or nod. The flowers emit a sweet, minty aroma. The flowers bloom for several weeks and bear tiny berries, nourishing your local birds.

Care needs for this plant are minimal, as it is disease-, pest-, and drought-resistant.

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