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Mitchella Repens- 100 Plants $99.99

Mitchella Repens- 100 Plants $99.99

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Mitchella Repens

 Mitchella repens is a low-growing perennial plant native to eastern North America. This fascinating plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family and is a prominent member of the genus Mitchella. It is renowned for its unique characteristics, historical uses, and cultural significance.

It is a small, creeping evergreen vine typically reaching heights of only 4-6 inches. It thrives in rich, acidic soils and can be found in various woodland habitats, including forests, swamps, and sandy pine barrens. The plant's leaves are opposite, glossy, and dark green, with a prominent vein running down the center. Its most distinctive feature is the small, trumpet-shaped, white to pale pink flowers that appear in pairs at the base of its leaves during the late spring and early summer. These flowers are often followed by bright red, berry-like fruit, which gives the plant its common name.

Mitchella Repens Has Traditional And Cultural Significance

This plant is a low growing evergreen vine with delicate red berries near the holiday season.

In conclusion, it is a unique and culturally significant plant with a rich history of traditional uses. Its charming appearance, low-growth habit, and distinctive red berries make it a noteworthy addition to the natural landscape of eastern North America. It continues to capture the interest and admiration of those who encounter it in the wild, whether for its ecological role or cultural significance.


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