Trellis Climber Package 15 Plants


Trellis Climber Package – 15 Breathtaking Plants That Will Enliven Your Outdoor Space

Perhaps you have a trellis or arbor but you have not used it yet because you were unsure of what plants you might try. You could worry that the plants won’t grow quickly or wonder whether they have flowers or not. The choices are limitless, you might even say overwhelming. No need to worry any longer.

Trellis climber package plants remove the guesswork. You don’t need to second-guess yourself. The Wholesale Nursery team has an entire staff of experts who know exactly what plant will best meet your needs. We review your order, noting carefully the zip code of your “ship to” address; then, we take that information and hand-curate a wonderful collection of fifteen beauties to include in your trellis climber package.

Our team knows what you need, even if you are unsure. Leave the selection to us, and we will assemble for you a striking collection of bare-root climbers that will awaken and fill your arbor. We specialize in native plant species, perfectly suited for life in local conditions.

Your Trellis Climber Package Could Include a Few of These Delights

Our nursery is enormous, and we have too many climbing species to list them all in this summary. However, here are three of our best-selling climbing plants, which we often enjoy tucking into shipments:

  • Trumpet Vine: This beautiful blooming vine is hardy, easy-to-grow, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Blossoms are red, gold, or orange.
  • English Ivy: This vine is the classic, dark green vine with glossy leaves and hairy stems. You can also train it to creep as a groundcover.
  • Virginia Creeper: This species has large, showy leaves in clusters of five. They are virtually carefree and will require minimal maintenance. The leaves are green in the summer and feisty red in the fall.

Regardless of what we send, we’re confident you will love the diversity of selection that you’ll receive in your trellis climber package.

Order Your Trellis Climber Package From Wholesale Nursery Today

Wholesale Nursery takes great pleasure in compiling these curated collections for our customers. You will enjoy the surprises that arrive in your trellis climber package. Please give it a try—we’re ready to take your order today.