Water Garden Package - 10 Plants


Water Garden Package – You Receive Ten Healthy, Gorgeous Plants for Your Water Feature

Wholesale Nursery is a leading provider of native aquatic species suitable for the classic pond, koi pond, or water garden. We take tremendous pride in providing our customers with the most vigorous growing plants to fill their gardens with color and intriguing shapes and textures.

Water Garden Package plants give you the opportunity to adorn your water feature with ten of our favorite aquatics. Our team has the expertise to select a custom kit, including a variety of species that will work in your USDA growing zone (according to your ship to zip code). If you ever wanted to add more accents—or create a focal point—for your water garden, this is your chance. We will send you lovely additions that you can plant in and around the pond or rain garden.

Our plants are primarily native species that require little to no care after you install them.

Your Water Garden Package Might Include Some of These

We customize every water garden package to suit local growing conditions. These examples represent some things you might receive. Our central Tennessee site is huge, and we have dozens of species to pick from.

Here are three best sellers and staff favorites you might receive in your water garden package:

  • Cattail plants: Cattails are a water garden and koi pond classic. The tall lovely brown spikes are among the easiest to identify. They help break up soil compaction at the bottom of your pond and give fish and fronds camouflage from predators.
  • Coontail plants: Coontail Plants are bright green, fluffy aquatics that require at least part of the root stay submerged. They add vibrant color and texture in warmer climate zones.
  • Dark green bulrush: This beautiful ornamental grass thrives in the wettest soils. It benefits your garden by reducing compaction and strengthening the soil against erosion. It also serves as a habitat for aquatic animals.

Order Your Water Garden Package From Wholesale Nursery Today

The water garden package is an opportunity for you to curate a lovely selection of some of the best plants for a koi pond or rain garden. You will love the element of surprise and be happy with our selections—order today.