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Wax Leaf Privet

Wax Leaf Privet

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Wax Leaf Privet Is a Classic Option for an Evergreen Hedge

The Wax leaf privet plant a classic choice for a hardy, fast-growing, evergreen hedge shrub. This evergreen is the first choice for many gardeners in USDA plant hardiness regions 7 through 11

This hedge enjoys a mix of sun and shade; it will also tolerate full sun, especially in the morning; however, it will likely need a little extra water.

It is not picky about soil type but needs fertile soil for ample water drainage.

Why Gardeners Love This Plant

Despite being a Japanese native species, the wax leaf privet is among the most popular hedge species in the United States.

So why are these plants so popular?

  • Year-round greenery: This hedge holds its lovely green color, even in the cold winter. It's a welcome sight to the vibrant hue out the window.
  • Fast-growing: This hedge shrub grows about two feet in each direction, getting taller and broader yearly.
  • Low care requirements: Once it establishes strong roots, it needs nothing other than watering during an extended rain-free period.
  • Ability to prune and shape: Some gardeners love a precisely trimmed hedge. After shaping, it will bounce back quickly and continue its growth cycle.

Wax Leaf Privet Is Serene, Green, and Seasonless

This hedge can reach as tall as a twelve-foot height with a six-foot width. The leaves are bright green, glossy, oval, and as many as four inches long. The best part is how they keep that lovely look throughout every season.

Springtime brings a serene display of cross-shaped, creamy flowers with four to five petals each. While small in size (under 1" each), they are abundant.

Those tiny blossoms produce dainty flat berries that stay under 1/4" across. Although humans have no use for these berries, watch as the local wildlife forages for them.

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