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White Daffodils -100 Plants

White Daffodils -100 Plants

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White Daffodil

Hardy Planting Zone: Most daffodil varieties thrive in USDA hardiness Zones 3 to 8.

Bloom Season: Bulbs should be planted in the fall. Reliably early bloomers, these carefree flowers typically appear in late winter and early spring. Depending on the variety, one to as many as twenty flowers can appear on a single stem.

White Daffodils is a Very Elegant Perennial

Bloom Color: Daffodils are known traditionally for their varying shades of yellow but also appear in whites and creams, apricots, oranges, greens, and pinks.

Height at Maturity: Daffodils typically grow to 12 to 18 inches.

Soil Type Preferred: Daffodils do best in neutral or somewhat acidic soils. As they grow from bulbs, care should be taken to ensure soil is well-drained to prevent rot. If your daffodils fail to flower as well as you would prefer, adding low nitrogen, high potash fertilizer after the flowering season has passed can bring better results.

Sun Or Shade: Bulbs should be planted in areas receiving full sun to partial shade.

Plant Description: Daffodils, botanical name narcissus, are the consummate spring flowering bulbs, easy to grow and easy to care for. Over fifty species of daffodils fall into thirteen different types based on the form of the flower within the surrounding petals. There are also some 25,000 registered hybrids. From cheery yellow large-cup trumpets to delicate paperwhites to elegant, double-trumpet, petit four cultivars, these fragrant, winter hardy flowers will make any spring garden come alive with color.

Some of the most common daffodils include the bright yellow Dutch Master of the trumpet variety and the Pheasant's Eye, recognized for its white petals surrounding a red-rimmed yellow cup.

One last perk about daffodils - they are repellent to deer, rabbits, squirrels, and most other wild animals, so gardeners should have little worry that their "crops" of color will get eaten by unwanted visitors.

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