White Pine Tree

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White Pine Tree
White Pine Tree
Pinus Strobus
White Pine Tree
White Pine Tree
Pinus Strobus
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White Pine Tree

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Size 3-4'

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White Pine Tree

Consider white pine trees if you want trees that increase and provide a good windbreak. These trees that grow naturally from Southeastern Manitoba, Canada, east to Newfoundland, Canada, south to Northern Georgia, and west to Northeast Iowa can also provide a good screen.

Hardy Zones

Homeowners living in zones three to eight can quickly grow white pine trees. It includes everyone in the United States except those residing in Deep South Texas, South Louisiana, most of Florida, Southwestern Arizona, many parts of California, and Southeastern Washington.

Mature Height

White pine trees can grow 135 feet tall in their natural environment. When planted by homeowners or in commercial settings, these trees often reach a height between 50 and 80 feet.

White pine trees increase, and when they are mature, they often have a 20-to-40-foot span

Soil Recommendations

These trees that have a pyramidal shape can tolerate many soil conditions. They prefer to be planted in slightly acidic soil where they get at least four hours of sun daily. This tree is so hardy that it naturally grows in many different settings, from rocky cliff edges to bogs. The white pine tree thrives best when planted in well-drained soil but needs occasional watering if conditions get too dry.


The blue-green needles of this tree are attached to branches in sets of five. They are soft to the touch, very pliable, and grow between three and five inches long. After this tree reaches maturity, you may see some needles turn yellow. The yellowing indicates older needles about to drop to make room for new growth. This process typically happens in the fall, but depending on your environment, it can occur in the spring.


Male and female pine cones grow on the same tree. They usually start to grow in the early spring. Looking closely, you can see that male pine cones have overlapping scales. As the pinecone matures, the scales stop overlapping, and male pine cones release seeds. Female pine cones on this tree are much larger than their male counterparts. They can grow to be 8 inches long and 1 inch in diameter.

If you are looking for a long-living tree that grows quickly and efficiently, consider white pine trees.

White Pines are handy as windbreaks and screens and will grow in almost any condition

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Upon Receipt Of Your Plants

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