Yarrow Plant


Yarrow Plant 

Achillea Millefolium is a popular perennial species for pollinator gardens, for the bees and butterflies find its dainty white and yellow blossoms irresistible. It is a sun-loving species that will flourish in USDA planting zones 3 through 9.

Yarrow plant enjoys wide popularity

Gardeners love this plant not only for its attractiveness to pollinators but also for its easy-care nature. It has few care needs and needs only a sunny spot in the garden and well-draining fertile soil to thrive. Caring for the yarrow plant is easy. Give it water if you have an extensive dry spell, and keep it fed by adding hardwood mulch around its base twice per year during the middle of spring and late fall.

This hardy perennial is resistant to many problematic growing conditions, including deer, drought, pests, heat, humidity, and pollution. Yarrow has an easygoing nature and will overcome these challenges easily. Yarrow Plant Is Tall, Lovely, and Ideal for a Pollinator or Butterfly Garden Yarrow flowers are beautiful, emerging in the second half of summer or the first few weeks of autumn.

They are small flowers that grow in generous, oversized clusters. Each floret is under 1" across and has five disc petals. The flowers are white or cream with pale green or yellow middles. The plant grows in clumps and can reach as tall as 3' when fully grown.

The stems have beautiful fern-shaped leaves in a rich hue of green and with a shiny finish. Yarrow flowers make perfect companion plants to milkweed, butterfly bush, or coneflowers--you will create a diverse palette of color and texture.

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Yarrow plants can grow in some of the most challenging growing conditions and will attract helpful pollinator insects to improve your garden's health. Order your set of 3 from Wholesale Nursery Co. today; we are sure you will be happy with the results of your efforts.