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Purple Rose of Sharon will grow in almost any kind of soil, but it will not thrive if waterlogged.

Purple Rose of Sharon

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Purple Rose of Sharon is an old hardy shrub with an upright habit.

A member of the Hibiscus family, the Purple Rose of Sharon features huge single purple blossoms with a deep red center and a white stamen that open from summer into early autumn. Each blossom closes and falls off on its own, so dead-heading blooms are not necessary. Hardy in zones 5 through 9, the Purple Rose of Sharon can grow to 12 feet at maturity and likes full sun. Rose of Sharon will grow in almost any kind of soil, but it will not thrive if waterlogged. The shrub is very drought-tolerant once established. Gardeners who wish to manage its shape should prune lightly in the early spring. The Purple Rose of Sharon drops seeds and produces 'volunteers' that can be moved in the spring, or used to create a flowering hedge.

Purple Rose of Sharon -The hibiscus syriacus has many names including the Rose of Sharon and the purple althea, grows all over North America and is highly frequent in rural areas.

It can grow up to ten feet in height with a spread of up to six feet. It’s leaves blossom in late spring, and its flowers bloom in the middle of summer into the early fall. The colors it commonly displays include pink, purple and white with darker colors, usually in the center. Soil needs to be semi-acidic to neutral to grow these at home correctly, and one must be cautious as not to overwater them. Sun exposure is significant to keep these flowers healthy, though it can typically tolerate partial sun. The purple althea is used to border shrubs, walkways, and porches.

Purple Rose of Sharon -They are hardy to gardens up to zone eight and tend to live a long life with proper care.

The Purple Rose of Sharon is a small tree that can also grow as a shrub. This tree will need a full sunlight environment and plenty of water to grow and develop properly. This tree will grow to be anywhere from ten to fifteen feet tall. The tree will produce cone-shaped flowers that appear during the spring and summer months of the year, and they stand out in your garden area.

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