Purple-Stemmed Cliffbrake Fern, also known as Pellaea atropurpurea in the scientific world is an evergreen fern. It will grow best in hardy zones five through nine.

Purple-Stemmed Cliffbrake Fern

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Purple-Stemmed Cliff Brake Fern – Pellaea atropurpurea is a perennial fern plant that grows in an asymmetric clump. Hardy 3-8

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It will grow best in hardy zones five through nine. It is native to Mexico. This fern is a small one, typically being under one foot in height. In width, this fern can be expected to be about one to two feet. Unlike most other ferns, this fern would appreciate an area that is either partially sunny to full sunlight. It is used to the soil that is dry and drained but is adaptable to different soil conditions as well. The growth rate of this plant is considered to be slow. It will be effortless to take care, as well. It also does not need much water, so you will not have to worry about watering this plant often after it establishes.

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It is most commonly found growing in rocky areas that have some limestone. It will grow in places that there is little soil as well. It will grow into an asymmetric clump. This fern produces different sterile and fertile leaves. The fronds will sprout from a short or ascending rhizome that has tan scales on it. The stem of the fern is a dark purple color but can also be black. When planting this fern, it should be kept away from human traffic as it does not tolerate it well. There is also not a lot of need to worry about the disease with this particular fern since they are typically resistant to them.

Climate Zone: 5 – 9

Mature Height: under 1 foot

Mature Width: 1 to 2 feet

Sunlight: Partial sunlight and full sunlight

Soil Conditions: Dry and well-drained soil conditions

Botanical Name: Pellaea Atropurpurea

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