Purple Top Love Grass stems are great nesting material for birds.

Purple Top Love Grass

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Latin Name-Tridens flavus Hardy Zone- 7-10 Mature Height-4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Purple top love grass is a perennial bunchgrass native to the eastern region of the United States of America. Much like other bunch grasses, purple tops have small thin leaves clustered at the bottom of the plant. From that cluster, a thin string-like stem called a culm form. Lines of little spikelets grow in rows on these culms. This grass can grow between 3 feet to 6 feet in height (0.9-1.8 meters.) As a bunchgrass, it often forms in clumps or groups. It is a species of grass grows great in open woodlands, in partial shade, and along pavement or dirt roads;  low demand for water and enjoyed dry, sandy, loamy, and clay soil. This plant gets the name "purple-top" from its unique spikelets and bloom color. Many bunchgrass species start green and turn yellowish. Purpletop starts green and forms reddish-purple spikelets. This adds color to an otherwise bare or colorless landscape. These spikelets eventually bloom into bunches of bright purple flowers. When purple tops bloom, fields go from being pastures of plain grass to pastures of beautiful purple flowers. The purple flowers also attract butterflies, unusually large wood nymphs, broad wing skippers, cross-line skippers, and little glassy wing skippers. Many of these butterfly species will lay their eggs in purple top leaves. During the early stages of its life cycle, the purple top is a good grazing plant for livestock.

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Because they can host all stages of the butterfly life cycle, they help attract pollinators for other plants in the garden. Purple tops unique color also adds a unique backdrop for other colorful flowers to bloom. Because of their dry soil resistance, purple tops are an excellent option for arid environments where many species of flowers normally can't grow. Purpletop can sometimes be called Trident Flavus; called either Tall redtop or Purple top that will get to 2 1/2-7 feet tall. With drooping branches bearing widely reddish-purple spikelets. The leaf complexity is rather simple on this plant; It does require partial shade with dry soil; Purpletop puts a beautiful purple top on fields and open woods. In fall through the plant will become brown. Livestock or wildlife will consume this grass-like many other. In the summertime, because of it's purple top, it is easy to pick out. Flowers on this grass are wind-pollinated and tends to attract some insects; Being a robust grass, it provides a beautiful scene for wildlife. It can grow well in zones 4-7. It grows best in wet soils.

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