Rabbiteye Blueberry grows into unusual shrubs.

Rabbiteye Blue Berry

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Rabbiteye Blueberry grows into unusual shrubs. These shrubs are ideal for all lawns as they are very easy to grow and do not require any particular type of maintenance as they grow and mature.

Rabbiteye Blue Berry is Best in Hardy Planting Zones 3-7

They thrive best when planted in hardy planting zones 3-7. On average, the typical growth rate per year is up to 18 inches. Rabbiteye blueberry bush is native to the U.S. A blueberry plant can grow in almost any type of soil. Most wild blueberries are found growing in poor soils. A great thing about that is the blueberry bushes grow better in poor soils than good ones. This berry plant prefers sandy soils and grows well along riverbanks and swampy areas.

 Rabbiteye Blue Berry Require Little Pruning and Maintenance

This berry bush gets its name because the berries are round and circular in shape and dark purple or blue. Rabbiteye blueberry is a medium grower and can reach heights of up to 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide at full maturity. It can plant in a group with other berry bushes or alone. This particular plant is less adaptable to colder weather compared to other berry plants; This tends to make them more vulnerable to spring frost. They will also need some regular maintenance to keep them from getting overwhelming. It is best to prune them often after planted for a couple of years. Rabbiteye blueberries, Vaccinium Virgatum, are also known as small flower blueberries or southern black blueberries. A deciduous shrub, the Rabbiteye blueberry grows from three to six feet tall and about three feet wide. These plants require little pruning and maintenance. Cultivated Rabbiteye blueberries mature in seven to eight years and live up to 25 years. Leaves are spirally arranged and approximately three inches in length. They are reddish-bronze in spring, turning dark green later in the season. In autumn, foliage leaves turn bright orange or red. These plants have shallow, fibrous roots.

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