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Red Maple Live Stakes

Red Maple Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Acer Rubrum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 40-50 Width- 25-35 Sun or Shade- Prefers Partial to Full Sun

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Red Maple Live Stakes are one of the most strikingly beautiful trees in the United States, making them a commonly planted tree for landscaping in more affluent areas as well as in any area of a yard or field.

Red Maple Live Stakes is also known as Acer Rubrum. Hardy in planting zones 3-9. Growth rate at maturity can reach 40-70 feet tall and 30-50 feet wide. Red Maple will have showy red to yellow blooms from March to April. This tree makes an excellent shade tree and can help cut cooling cost by strategically planting it to block afternoon sun and heat. It is tolerant to wet soil and air pollution which makes it an excellent street tree for urban areas also.

Prefers full sun medium soil, however, can tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions. It is very cold hardy, so it makes it useful in the northern regions. This low maintenance tree will have dense red flowers in the spring. In the fall it will give way to brilliant orange and red color to the leaves. This tree does have a shallow root that could buckle driveways and sidewalks if planted too firmly. Leafhoppers are something to watch for as they can cause substantial damage.

Like most maple trees, red maple grows to impose heights.

It is not uncommon to see examples of the species grown to a height of ninety feet. The most healthy and vibrant trees grow to as high as 115 feet. This is a testament to the vigor and adaptability of this tree.Maples produce different helicopter-like seeds, called samaras; When picked up in the wind or when falling from the tree these fascinating seeds spin through the air, allowing them to be carried a further distance from the tree by their air-worthiness. This may be a part of the cause of the widespread proliferation of this tree.

Red Maple Live Stakes Ships As – Bareroot Plant


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