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Red Maple Live Stakes Description

Red Maple Live Stakes, Acer Rubrum Is a Popular Landscape Choice

The red maple tree, formally called Acer rubrum, gets the common name from its red flowers, fruit, twigs, and brilliant red foliage. The red maple tree is a popular landscape choice because it is valuable in the home or commercial landscape aside from the plant's fall color. This stake will grow into a versatile tree that provides wildlife habitat and shade, is pest and disease resistant, clean the air, and serve as a windbreak.

It is a native tree to eastern America and perhaps, the most abundant tree in deciduous forests. Red maples in the northern parts of their range are found in wet bottomlands or moist wood, earning them the nickname "swamp maple." The majestic trees can tolerate most soil conditions and temperatures. These trees usually do well in sunny or shady spots or dry or wet soil, or even in high or low elevation, thus, making them the best choice for a low-maintenance addition to the yard. Their roots adapt to differing soil types, yet they grow better in some conditions than others. If you plant the tree in wet soil, it produces a short taproot. However, a longer taproot and shorter lateral roots will develop when red maples grow in dry sites.

Red Maple Live Stakes, Acer Rubrum Creates a Beautiful Shade in All Seasons

The plant's red color plays a large part in the tree's ornamental display in other seasons. The color is not only evident in fall but also during spring and winter. Its red flower buds form in winter and turn into showy red flowers before the tree leaves. The new twigs and leaf stems are also red; however, a reddish-colored fruit will take its place when the flowers fade.

These trees grow 40 to 70 feet tall with a spread of 30 to 50 feet; however, the size varies depending on the location and cultivars. Red maples in some parts of the US tend to be shorter with a shallow root system. Some of the inconveniences of growing these trees are thick and strong roots that grow near or above the soil's surface. They may not be as destructive or invasive as other maple trees; however, they might make lawn maintenance a challenging chore. It is suggested not to plant red maple live stakes near the driveways or sidewalks. But the beautiful shade it will create makes the area cool and your yard more enjoyable to watch.

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