Red Maple Tree are simple to grow and are very adaptable to various soil conditions.

Red Maple Tree

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Hardy Zones 3-9, Mature Height 12', Mature Width 8', Bloom Season- Spring, Status- Beginner

Red Maple Tree is a Seed Producing Deciduous

These are sometimes called soft maple trees. The botanical name for these is Acer Rubrum, and they are native to the eastern and central areas of North America. These trees are beautiful and do well in both residential and commercial environments. They do produce a type of seed in late summer to early fall that will attract birds and various other species of wildlife to the area. They can grow to be up to 60 feet in height and up to 40 feet wide when fully mature. These trees mature at a moderate rate of about 1 to 2 feet annually. They are supertrees to incorporate into any landscape. These will be excellent shade trees, and they will grow naturally into a rounded or oval shape without having to be pruned.

 Red Maple Tree Attract Birds and Other Species of Wildlife to the Areas they are Planted

They do require moisture and good drainage. The drainage will help to keep the roots healthy and free from root rot. They love full to partially sunny areas and will thrive when planted in the sun. These trees will grow best when planted in USDA Climate Zones 4 through 9. By planting in these zones, the tree has an excellent chance of growing to its full potential. Red Maple is common to central and eastern North America. The species is remarkably adaptable to many different conditions. It can be planted anywhere no matter the soil or ecosystem and be expected to thrive. This species of tree can be found in swampland, in forests of any of a variety of soil types and on mountainsides at altitudes of as much as 3,000 feet. Some trees prefer the northern or southern side of a hilltop, but this is not so with red maples. They will grow on any facing of a hill.

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