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Red Oak Trees, Quercus Rubra For Sale Online- Low prices, one year guarantee, and fast shipping

It isn’t hard to spot a Red Oak Tree. The leaves usually have a glossy, green appearance. Then, it is awe-inspiring to watch the leaves change color during the cooler weather. The leaves will turn red, orange, and yellow when autumn arrives. Furthermore, Red Oak trees also make giant acorns. They usually show up late in the summer. Then, as they drop to the ground, they provide an essential source of nutrients to squirrels and other animals in the area. If you look at the bark of the Red Oak, it appears smooth and silver when young. Then, as your Red Oak matures, it hardens and develops its classic ridges. This makes Red Oak one of the sturdiest trees around! Why do people love the Red Oak so much?

Red Oak Tree is a strong tree that can serve a variety of purposes

There are countless reasons why the Red Oak has become such a famous tree. A few of the benefits include:

  • It requires almost no work to take care of a Red Oak! All you have to do is plant it in a spot with sunshine, and it should grow well! It grows well in dry and wet soil!
  • The red oak is a tree that provides beautiful scenes full of changing colors throughout the year. It starts with green leaves; however, they change colors as the year goes along!
  • The red oak is also a tree that proliferates. Within just a few years, you will have a towering figure of strength acting as an anchor in your yard! It grows at a rate of two to three feet per year!
  • The red oak is also a beautiful tree that can provide plenty of shade. You can plant the Red Oak almost anywhere in your yard, and you will instantly have a cool awning you can relax beneath during the hottest days of the year!

If you plant a Red Oak in your home or office garden, you will enjoy this as well!

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If you want to take good care of your Red Oak, you should rely on plant experts to help you. At TN Wholesale Nursery, we have an unprecedented amount of experience dealing with Red Oaks. Our tree and plant experts can help you take care of your Red Oak, ensuring it makes a positive statement in your yard. Call us today!

 The red oak is a fast-growing beech family shrub found throughout the northern temperate zone and at high altitudes in the tropical areas. It is native to North America, energetic, fast, and rocketed. Because of its brilliant autumn color, it is frequently planted as an annual plant. Red oak can be found in a variety of habitats, ranging from stream terraces to dry ridges, but it is most commonly found on moist, well-drained slopes. It prefers slightly acidic, moist, well-drained soils.

Red oak is a deciduous broadleaf tree that can reach a height of 25 meters and has a rounded size. It has large leaves with long lobes and 1–3 teeth each. The red oak tree's buds are long and taper to a point in winter, indicating the species. There are more than three scales on each bud. Male catkins hang in clusters, and female flowers can be found singly or in collections.

The upper surface of the leaves is a dull green color, while the lower surface is paler and hairless except in the axils of the more prominent veins. Stems are stout, reddish to greenish-brown in color, and bald. Winter flowers are oval with a sharp point, clustered at the twigs' ends, and dark brown. Mature trees have brown to greenish-brown wood broken up into broad, flat-topped grey ridges. The wood of ancient trees may be deeply ridged and furrowed. Female flowers develop into a fruit that takes less time to mature. Because of its fast growth rate and wide site adaptability, red oak is one of the best native oaks for landscaping. Because of the sensitivity of button oak to iron leaf, it is a far superior oak for gardening. Furthermore, it is more consistent in terms of Autumn color development.

The species does well in full sun, which means it must be exposed to direct sunlight for up to six hours per day. Because concentrated sunlight is pure and natural, it is the best sun preference. Make sure it has direct sunlight in your growing zone to see good results. The benefits of this tree species include its ability to grow up to three feet per year.

Northern Red Oak trees have multiple uses and benefit both humans and animals. It provides food for wildlife. It is also beneficial to wildlife, especially in natural forests.  Red oak wood is hard, strong, and heavy like other oak woods. Red oak lumber is currently in high demand due to its increased use in furniture and housing products. Pallet lumber, railroad ties, and firewood are other uses.

Red Oak is primarily useful in the hardwood industry. Many businesses use this species as a source of hardwood lumber. Because the wood of this tree is tight, heavy machines accept it because of its finish. The wood is used to manufacture the interior of buildings.It is also used in the preparation of medicine. Oakwood tea is helpful to treat infections, colds, fever, cough, and bronchitis and stimulate appetite and improve digestion.

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 Sun exposure: Full sun

Water requirement: Moderate moisture

Zone: 5 to 8

Best time to Harvest: Spring

Ship as: Bareroot

Height at maturity: 60 to 75 ft tall


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Additional Information

Latin Name- Quercus rubra Hardy Planting Zone-3-8 Mature Height- 70-100 Width-60-80 Sun or Shade- Full Sun
Planting Zones 5-8
$9.99 - Ships Fall
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