Red Twig Dogwood Shrub is classified as Cornus Alba or Elegantissima.

Red Twig Dogwood

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Hardy Zones 3-9, Mature Height 12', Mature Width 8', Bloom Season- Spring, Status- Beginner

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The twigs used for beautiful wreaths and other crafts are comforting and stunning. It bears blossoms in the Spring and berries from Summer to Fall. The deciduous shrub’s leaves are gray and green with white edges, and the leaves grow in clusters. After the leaves grow, the shrub will produce white berries. The bush’s hardy planting zone is 3-8. To maintain the moisture of the soil and initiate weed control; two to three inches of mulch should be spread out across the planting area. However, the mulch should place about five to six inches away from the plant; This will allow the shrub to maintain a level of water.

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The Red Twig Dogwood Shrub can grow to 6-8 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide and looks excellent when landscaped in a group. It has a moderate growth rate. It also stands well on its own and can act as a privacy screen. Gone is the need for fences. If planted in full sun, the bark will remain super bright; The more sun the shrub exposed to, the more brilliant the shrub’s colors. To care for this shrub, merely prune about 1/3 of its branches every three years in late winter; This will encourage new growth. If the bush becomes too overgrown, the branches can be cut back to around 9 inches above the ground; This will renew the plant quickly. Red Twig Dogwood ships bare root and ships during dormancy.

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