Red Weigelia Shrub

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  • Red Weigela shrub will provide a wonderful show for your yard not once, but twice a year!
  • Weigela bushes grow to a height of 6 to 10 feet, with a similar spread.

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Red Weigela Shrub is an Easy Growing Deciduous Bush

Its trumpet-like blooms appear in spring, and this easy to plant, easy-going deciduous bush can grow up to eight feet tall and 10 feet wide, making it ideal in elegant hedging or as a colorful lot line screen. The shrub from the Caprifoliaceae family is adored by delicate hummingbirds and butterflies that hover around the lipstick red blooms to drink from its nectar. It's a fast-growing plant with low maintenance that enjoys being in full sun. Experts advise purchasing this shrub to plant zones 4 - 8 with normal soil conditions and place each four to five feet apart for optimum success. Water needs include a routine weekly or more often in extreme heat. The proper time to fertilize is before new growth starts in the spring with a slow-release fertilizer.

Red Weigela Shrub Produces Trumpet Like Blooms and Provide Dreamily, Cascading Branches

It grows upright, resembling a vase shape, and provides dreamy, cascading branches that add interest and depth to a garden or property. The shrub is a beautiful companion to plants like Salvia (Salvia), Coneflower (Echinacea), and Barberry (Berberis). Some people adorn their yards with the favorite shrub in containers for lovely accents of scarlet. Blooming time for the Red Weigelia Shrub is long-lasting, which makes it appealing to one's landscape. There are two showy appearances, one in late spring and after summer begins to wane. Also, the flowers don't fade like other blooms but maintain their red beauty for weeks. Even the foliage is distinctive, featuring large oblong, four and one-half inch green leaves that look lush even when the shrub is not in bloom.


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 It is a deciduous shrub that blooms on and off throughout the year. You should use this plant if you have an area in your landscape to make a statement with these impactful blooms. This shrub produces an enormous quantity of crimson blossoms in late April, which is simply amazing to see. Growing these shrubs is ideal for luring hummingbirds and butterflies into your landscape, as the tubular red flowers provide them with vibrant color and excellent nectar.

The Red Weigela shrub may create a spectacular display for your garden not only once, rather twice per year. Blooms of vivid red hue will nearly blanket your shrub with their glory when they bloom in late spring, measuring 1.5 inches and trumpet-shaped. This woody deciduous plant is sometimes mistaken for an Azalea or a Rhododendron by the general public during the initial flush of spring blossoms.

Once the heat of summer starts to fade, your Red Weigela will spring into bloom, putting on a spectacular display of red vigor. Subsequently, further in the season, on the fresh shoots, you may observe another vast flush of flowers, which lasts through the summer and into the autumn. When it comes to producing blossoms, this shrub is a true garden champion.

Its blossoms endure for several weeks without fading, unlike many other plants. They retain their inherent luminosity for the duration of their lifespan. They possess elongated, 4.5-inch foliage that gives the plant a luxurious look and serve as a beautiful contrast to the colorful blooms, creating a stunning show even though the plant is out of bloom. This hardy shrub develops into a spherical form and is an excellent choice for a pollinator garden.

Use them as a bright focal point in sunlit, mixed landscape borders. You might also employ them to create a beautiful shrub border down the edge of your home. Besides that, they can form an excellent unkempt hedge for screening purposes. You may try these for a fresh spin on conventional foundation planting. Another option is to put a single flowering peony as a specimen plant by your front entrance, where its random blooms will be a joy throughout the summer.

Pruning your red weigela shrubs right after flowering is over can help shape the plant and stimulate new growth, resulting in even more tremendous bloom potential the following summer. Because it is often regarded as a low-maintenance shrub, you may take pleasure in its charming characteristics without devoting much work and attention to it. There are no severe illnesses or pest concerns to be bothered about with these shrubs.

Zone: 4 to 8

Sun exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Height at maturity: 6 to 8 feet in height, spreading to 8 to 10 feet

Water requirements: Watering is required regularly - once a week or more frequently in high heat.

Best time to harvest: April, May


Red Weigela flowers bloom in one and a half-inch clusters

The Red Weigela is a popular landscaping plant that people like to put into screening areas, borders, and centerpieces in flower beds. These shrubs have a dark, green leaf on a long, spindly limb. Flowers bloom in one and a half-inch clusters. Some say that the flowers form a funnel shape that often attracts insects and wildlife. The blooms occur from late spring around May until summertime in July. After they finish blooming in the summer, it is the best time to prune the plants.

They are easy to care for, with dead branches removable at any time of the year. The Red Weigela or Red Cardinal plant often gets to about eight feet tall, with some mature plants reaching as tall as ten feet. Most of the bushes get as big around as they are tall. They have a compact and irregular shape unless formed into a square or rounded hedge. Red Weigela prefers well-drained soil.

The bush builds bold, vibrant flower clusters that turn to a medium green after July. The plant does not change color in the fall like most plants, so it makes an excellent choice to keep in gardens that need some green color throughout the winter months. The plant prefers well-draining soil with gravel or another medium to ensure proper drainage. It grows best in full sun and hardiness zones four through eight. One of the neat things about the Red Weigela is that you can place it in containers around front or back yards for a pop of summer color or to keep it separated from other plants. It is advisable to soak the roots before planting. Maintaining a regular watering schedule for the first year after being planted is vital to the bush's health in the long run. This vibrant plant is a perfect addition to fountains, park settings, and areas bordering yards or buildings.

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Latin Name- Weigela Florida Pink Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 48 inches Sun or Shade- Full Sun
Planting Zones 4-8
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