Reflexed sedge is the common name for Carex retroflex. An ornamental grass native to the eastern United States.

Reflexed Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex Retroflexa Hardy Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 2-4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Reflexed Sedge is also called Carex Retroflex; Hardy planting zones are 4-10. The growth rate is up to 12 inches tall; Reflexed Sedge loves water and shade. Mostly found in New England and New Hampshire; This Sedge is usually found in areas like forests, woodlands, clearings, and open spaces and sometimes benefit from disturbance. The leaf blade will get to be 1.4-3mm wide. Lowest bract has no sheath at all and will be up to 4 mm long. The uppermost spike sometimes will contain both staminate and carpellate flowers, which are located down by the base of the stems. It has no hairs like some sedges, and it also doesn't have a pink, red, or purple tint like most. This Sedge does, however, have that smooth, hairless, sandpapery feel to it.  It can be found anywhere in the northern zones of New England to the South of Texas and from the Atlantic Coast westward until New Mexico. It is a hardy plant as evidenced by this broad range because it can survive the heat of the South as well as the freezing winters of New England. Reflexed Sedge grows in beautiful round bunches that combine light green shoots with more luminous green sheaves and seed pods.

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It can grow up to six inches tall, and the bunches can be up to 18 inches in diameter. It doesn’t spread as quickly or efficiently as some other grasses, so it is possible to plant just one or two bunches and then carefully manage seeds and growth to limit it to its designated spot. Reflexed sedge is perfect as an accent grass or as a backdrop for more colorful plants, especially lighter ones because its lighter shades of green help it complements pastels. In addition to its appearance, the bunch arrangement means that it makes a beautiful sound when the wind blows through it which changes based on the wind speed from a whisper to a louder shuffling noise at high winds. There are different varieties of reflexed sedge that differ in the size and color of the shoots as well as the shape of the bunch. This provides for some flexibility. Some of them are paler and more of a yellow-green while others are a darker blue-green. This makes it easier to find just the right grass for your garden or yard so that it fits in with the rest of the plants.

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