Reindeer Moss makes a great addition to a terrarium.

Reindeer Moss

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Reindeer Moss- Cladonia Rangifernia Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade- Sun/Part Sun Mature Height- 1"-4" Mature Width- 4"-12" Bloom Season- Year Round Gardener Status- Beginner

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Reindeer moss is not a moss but classified as lichen. It is the favorite food for reindeer and caribou. It has a feathery texture and is grayish-green in color often growing up to 4 inches high. It usually is used preserved in craft projects. It does well in cold climates in the United States and Canada. When planting reindeer moss never plant it in direct sun and find an area free of pollutants; It thrives in sandy soil found in many forests. It takes a long time to grow you need to have patience; recommended that you do not prune or fertilize it. Water the plant when it becomes dry, but it does not require much watering. You can cover the bottom with gravel for drainage. Add a right organic soil mix on top of this and then add a few rocks and twigs and the reindeer moss; Gently push the reindeer moss into the organic soil; Lightly spray with water and put on the lid. Put the terrarium in an area that is cool and not in direct sunlight. Only apply when soil becomes dry. It has no root and dries out in hot, humid weather but remain alive. It is an excellent addition to rock gardens and terrariums. It branches out and makes a superb ground cover in rocky areas. It grows mostly in spring to summer during high humidity; Live reindeer moss can be grown in your rock garden or along stony paths. It can be found in garden centers and with growers; It is often sold live in varying sizes and colors. Preserved reindeer moss comes in bags and is used for crafts and soil pot coverings; It will not grow because it is dead; Reindeer Moss is designed for the decorative purpose.

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