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Resurrection Fern

Resurrection Fern

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Latin Name- Pleopeltis polypodioides, Soil Type- Moist, Hardy Zones 3-8

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Resurrection Fern is an evergreen fern with a texture similar to leather.

Leaves are dark green on the dorsal side and light green on the ventral side. Papilla protrudes towards the edges. These are sporangia that produce spores from summer to fall. This fern grows approximately 25 cm high by 5 cm wide.

Resurrection fern is also called the Latin name as pleopeltis polypodioides. It is a species of creeping coarse textured fern. This fern is primarily originated in both North America and South America as well as to Africa. It is considered to be an evergreen fern. The fronds are 25 cm in height and about 5 cm in width. They have a leathery texture to them and are a yellow, green color. This particular fern is considered to be an air plant. This classifies itself to other plants which in turn gives it the nutrients it needs from the air and water that is collected on the outer surface of the bark.

Resurrection Fern will typically be found on branches of large trees or be seen carpeting areas that are shady on large oak trees.

The resurrection fern needs some maintaining and water to grow otherwise it will start dying. It needs rain to grow or constant watering and shade. It is often seen growing around water or ponds or under trees. These are unique ferns to watch as water is added to them and they spring back to a gorgeous green in color. This fern will grow best in climate zones 6 – 9. It is a small fern and will only be about half a foot to a foot in height as well as in width. It prefers either full to partial shade to thrive the best. The best soil conditions for this fern is medium rich and moist soil.

Climate Zone: 6 – 9

Mature Height: .50 to 1 foot

Mature Width: .50 to 1 foot

Sunlight: full or partial shade

Soil Conditions: medium moist soils

Botanical Name: Polypodium Polypodioides

Resurrection Fern

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