River Birch Seedlings are an Excellent Shade Producing Deciduous.

River Birch Seedlings

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Latin Name- Betula Nigra Hardy Planting Zone- 4-7 Mature Height- 40-70 ft Width-15-25 Sun or Shade- Full to Partial Sunlight

River Birch Seedlings are an Excellent Shade Producing Deciduous 

River Birch Seedlings or Betula Nigra are seedlings that propagate off of the Birch tree. It grows to 80' and a width of up to 2' and often with multiple trunks. They plant larger public areas, apartment complexes, and golf courses. River Birch seedlings and mature trees have telltale bark of light pink and very smooth. They are deciduous and are an excellent source of shade along a waterway in full sun. River Birch Seedlings at maturity can reach 50-90 feet tall and 40-60 feet wide. This tree can live from 50-150 years and is easy to grow a tree. Make sure it has plenty of water while it establishes. River Birch is a virtually disease-free variety, and it is a very tough tree. It can tolerate heat, cold, deer, poor drainage, and even pollution. Plant it in full sun to part shade and in almost any kind of soil but likes acidic to the slightly more alkaline soil. If you have a low lying or very moist area, this is an excellent choice for that area.

River Birch Tree are Planted in Larger Public Areas, Apartment Complexes, and Golf Courses 

But this versatile tree is also resistant to drought, and unlike the White Birch variety, the River Birch Tree withstands heat well, thriving in hot and humid locations—but also withstands icy conditions. The cinnamon-colored bark is highly ornamental, as it sheds continually. The accumulated bark near the bottom of the tree deters weeds and other plants from growing near it. This oval-shaped tree features glossy green leaves with a silvery-white underside, gold leaves in the fall, green or brown flowers in spring, and 1-3 inch fruit. Songbirds appreciate the small, plentiful seeds, while deer browse on the leaves. Fallen leaves disintegrate quickly, making less raking necessary.

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