River Oats

River Oats

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Latin Name-Chasmanthium Latifiolium Hardy Zone-3-8 Mature Height-2-3ft Width-2-3ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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River Oats are an attractive grass, and you can quickly identify them by their inflorescence that are drooping and compressed spikelets.

River Oats is also known as Chasmanthium Latifolium. This plant gets its name because of the oat-like seed head that it has. It loves to grow around the river and stream banks. The clumps grow to 2-5 feet tall, and the panicles droop and change colors throughout the seasons. Colors go from green to a rich brown which happens later in the summer to the fall. A low maintenance grass that tolerates deep shade and likes to be in healthy clumps. The heads of the seeds occur in panicles that are attractively located in pedicels that are dropping. The heads of the seeds also change color through the season just as its spikelets do.

If you prune the seeds before they fall it helps control the expansion.; The seeds from this plant get eaten by birds and small mammals.

These are easy to grow and are not hard to keep maintained. You have to keep them under control because they are very persistent. This plant is lovely growing and healthy looking. It is tall and flowing look. River Oats are native to North America.  The weight of the panicles causes them to drop, and when backlit by the sun’s rays, they create scenery that is beautiful. The grass got its name due to its inhabitance of the banks of rivers and streams. Their inhabitance benefits these banks as they contribute to their stability by avoiding erosion. Its spikelets are usually light green, but they change into golden brown as fall approaches. When the grass lacks nutrients, it will change to yellow. River Oats grows in clamps, and they have a medium growth rate. They will usually grow to reach a height of 2-6 feet.

River Oats Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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