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The Rose of Sharon's, Hibiscus Syriacus Late-Blooming Period Makes It A Seasonal Attention-Grabber In A Gardening Sequence

The rose of Sharon, also known as the Hibiscus syriacus in scientific terms, is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family of Malvaceae native to south-central and southeast China and widely introduced everywhere else, most especially Asia. Given the epithet syriacus from its first discovery in the gardens of Syria, its common names include the mungunghwa, Syrian ketmia, shrub althea, and rose mallow. As the hibiscus bears many blooms, its attractive flowers are its main selling point as they also carry a unique stamen. Another valuable feature is the shrub's relatively late-blooming period, especially in northern climates where it blooms in August. Thus, the rose of Sharon offers white, red, lavender, or light-blue blossoms when many flowering shrubs have long since ceased blooming. This late-blooming period is helpful for gardeners in managing the blooming sequence in their landscapes.

The Flowers Of The Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus Syriacus Stand Out Thanks To Their Solid Color

A hardy deciduous shrub, the rose of Sharon stands upright and vase-shaped, reaching two to four meters in height, and bears large trumpet-shaped flowers with prominent yellow-tipped white stamens. While their five-petaled flowers are often pink in color, they can also be dark pink, light pink, apricot, or white; individual flowers are short-lived, lasting a day. Its branches are thin and gray, white-lenticeled, with raised leaf scars and tiny buds. Stems do not extend very much unless pruned, resulting in long, straight branches originating from about one-point-five to four centimeters above the ground, giving rise to the vase-like shape. The leaves appear pretty late in the season, and they are usually green or yellowish-green, alternate, broadly ovate, palmately veined, and seven-point-five centimeters long. While most modern cultivars are virtually fruitless, the fruits of those with them are green or brown, five-valved dehiscent capsules persisting throughout much of the winter on older cultivars. With time, they will shatter throughout the dormant season and spread their germinating seeds around the base of the parent plant, forming colonies.

Sharon's rose has naturalized in many areas, tolerant of air pollution, heat, low-quality soil, and drought. Primarily used as a specimen plant, its attractive blooms make this plant fully capable of holding its own as a specimen. The ability to shape the rose of Sharon makes the shrub a prime candidate for hedges, but since this bush is deciduous, it is an effective hedge only in the summer. It has a preference for full sun, rich soil, or any soil in general and can stand up to the summer's heat and a wide range of humidity conditions.

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