Rough-Leaf Dogwood Brush layers

Rough-Leaf Dogwood Brush layers

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The Rough-Leaf Dogwood is a shrub or small tree that can mature to the height range of 15 to 25 feet.

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Rough Leaf Dogwood Brush Layers are very beautiful trees. The Rough-Leaf Dogwood Live Stakes is a shrub or small tree that can mature to the height range of 15 to 25 feet. With flat-topped clusters of creamy-yellow flowers and blades ups to 4 inches long. The small tree can be used near a deck or patio for privacy but is recommended around parking lots and median strip planting for highways. It can grow in dry to moist soils but is a very adaptive tree. With it blooming at the end of spring and beginning of summer the tree can grow very fast Rough Leaf Dogwood Brush Layers will thrive best if planted in hardy in planting zones 5-8. The growth rate of it at maturity can reach 6-15 feet tall and 6-15 feet wide. Rough Leaf Dogwood will have a whitish yellow bloom in May to June. It will tolerate deer and is a medium maintenance tree. Native to Missouri it will grow in thickets naturally.


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It is best to plant this tree in average soil; however, it can adapt to various soil conditions. It is also best to plant this dogwood in either partial shade or full shade. It is also tolerant of cold weather. It does have a spreading nature and will do so by underground stems. Blooms will give way to white drupes that hang in clusters. Birds will typically be attracted to this fruit as well as other area wildlife. The flowers that bloom from this dogwood will provide nectar for several different species of butterflies as well. Fall color will vary, but it can include red to purple tints; This is not a real ornamental tree but used for screens and shrub borders and even informal hedge. As long as the tree is in good health, there should not be many issues with disease or insect problems. The surplus shoots of this dogwood should mow or pulled to keep it healthy. This tree would also be great for an area that needs erosion control or near a bog or pond.

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