Rue Anemone is dainty perennial woodland wildflower features clusters of white flowers that bloom in the spring.

Rue Anemone

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Botanical Latin Name: Thalictrum Thalictroides Common Name: Rue anemone Sun Exposure: Partial sun, partial shade Hardiness Zones: Three to 10 Mature Height: Nine inches Spread: 6 inches Spacing: 6 inches

Rue Anemone is a Fast Growing Perennial

Rue Anemone flowers are often pink-tinged and grow above whorls of three-lobed, green leaves, each on its slender stem. These charming flowers resemble anemones, also known as windflowers, hence the name, Rue Anemone. Hardy in Zones 4-8, Rue Anemone prefers partial shade and grows up to eight inches tall and one foot wide. Rue anemone does not tolerate wet soil but prefers medium to medium-dry soil that is rich and loamy. This delicate flower is a member of the buttercup family and is easy to grow and maintain. It is deer resistant and is stunning in shaded rock gardens, in woodlands, or as underplantings in shady borders.

Rue Anemone is a Beautiful Wildflower that is an Excellent Addition to a Homeowners Perennial Garden

This flower is also known as Thalictrum Thalictroides. Hardy planting zones are 4-8. The Rue Anemone is a fast-growing perennial and will thrive in moist and well-drained soil types; This plant will look lovely in a garden or natural area; It will add a great deal of character to space. The Rue Anemone perennial will grow to be 8 to 12 inches tall when fully grown. It will grow best in areas that have partial shade. This plant will bloom during the spring months. It will have a gorgeous bloom. It will add lots of color to gardens and other areas where planted.
The Rue Anemone will also bring and attract a wide variety of birds to a garden. The Rue Anemone is excellent and will grow in all conditions. Rue Anemone is a beautiful wildflower that is an excellent addition to any homeowners perennial garden. Buy Rue Anemone today!

Hardy planting zones are 4-8

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