Running Bamboo Plant 2-3'

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  • Running Bamboo Plant 2-3'
  • Running Bamboo Plant 2-3'

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About Bamboo Plants - Arundinaria Gigantea

The Bamboo Plant 

Bamboo is a perennial, flowering evergreen plant. It's a member of the grass family. There are about 5,000 species of bamboo. They range from 98 foot tall giant bamboo to plants only a few inches tall. The name bamboo is derived from the Kannada word bambu. The English called it bamboo when the encountered it in Malaysia. Bamboo grows faster than almost any other plant on the planet. Some grow as much as 35 inches within 24 hours. The bamboo plant is found in climates ranging from freezing cold to very hot. 


 Bamboo plants are versatile. They can be used for food, to build fences or barriers, as decoration, as good luck charm, and much more. With more compressive strength than brick, concrete, or wood and almost as much tensile strength as steel, bamboo is a very popular building material Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America, and the Caribbean. The plant rarely grows outdoors in continental Europe. 


 A number of companies grow bamboo commercially to make flooring, furniture, bowls, cups, knives, spoons, chopsticks, fishing rods, musical instruments, textiles, paper, surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, and weapons. Bamboo plants are also used in Chinese and Indian medicine. 


 Bamboo species flower infrequently. Some bamboo plants go as long as 130 years without flowing. Plants taken from the same cohort will flower at the same time even if they are moved to different geographic locations and climatic conditions. Researchers say bamboo plants seem to have some type of mysterious evolutionary alarm clock which tells all the plants in the same cohort when to flower and when to die. Flowering bamboos produce many seeds and bamboos are aggressive early successional plants. They quickly fill in the space vacated by their parents and spread even more.


 Bamboo plants are a food source for humans, giant panda, red panda, bamboo lemurs, African mountain gorillas, elephants, chimps, and many insects. Cooked, pickled, or fermented bamboo shoots are a popular delicacy throughout Asia. Lucky bamboo used in Feng shut is actually a type of lily which grows in tropical rainforests in Africa and Southeast Asia. 


Bamboo is designated as the national plant of St. Lucia. In China and Japan, bamboo is more than just a plant. It's an important part of their culture. Bamboo is a giant grass. The word "giant" isn't an exaggeration, as some species can grow to over 120 feet tall and have stems that are afoot around. The stems of bamboo are hollow.


There are between 1,000 and 1,600 species of this giant grass. The species include Bambusa, chimonobambusa, Phyllostachys, Dorinda, and Dendrocalamus. The plant thrives in tropical and semi-tropical climates but can sometimes grow as far north as hardiness zone 4. They grow as shoots from the roots or rhizomes of mature plants, and some can grow with amazing rapidity. Some species have been known to grow two feet or more over a 24 hour period. Many are fully grown within a few months and are harvested after five years or so. This is in contrast to hardwood trees, which may take decades to be ready for harvesting.


 Bamboo Plants - There are two types of grass. Some species clump together while others spread or run. These types of plants can quickly fill an area 100 feet around


 Also, unlike trees, the stems of the plant don't develop growth rings after the grass is fully grown. The slender green or gold leaves, long the subject or artists and even poets, grow alternately in two rows on either side of the stem. The giant grass blooms eventually, but this is a rare event. In some species, it takes the plant 30 years to bloom. The flowers appear near the top of the plant, and usually, all the giant grasses in the area bloom at the same time. The plant usually dies after it blooms. After the flowers are pollinated, the resulting seeds look like rice kernels.


Bamboo is a graceful plant both inside and outside the home. It's often found in Japanese rock gardens. However, the running type of the plant has to be contained in its grown outdoors because it can be very invasive. One gardening center planted a stand of grass in a narrow garden. After a short while, the employees were shocked to find another stand of the plant growing in another garden. These gardens were separated from each other by an asphalt walkway. The plant's rhizomes tunneled under the asphalt, and new plants sprouted in the other garden. Besides being a lovely garden plant, the giant grass is used in construction. In some Asian countries, scaffolding is made out of durable stems. It's also used as an environmentally sustainable flooring.

Bamboo Plants - A wetland Grass Species

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